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Eat Smart, Stay Well: Power foods that could save your life

Healthy Bones for Life: Best Food Choices to Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

  • Also, articles on wonderful plant foods: how to grow, enjoy and use them
  • Plus, fact sheets on the healthiest foods: their amazing nutrients and medicinal activities

Although this site was primarily created to provide information and extracts from my books, it also explores topics related to growing food and exploring its nutritional benefits.

It started with me wanting to know what I could grow in the dense clay and warmer climate of my new garden. Then time was spent making lots notes and having lots of ideas about lots of plants: enough to make a book from perhaps...

I am a relatively lazy gardener, preferring to choose plants that fulfil several functions, i.e. good to look at, as well as to eat. I enjoy the bohemian arrangement of vegetables cohabiting with shrubs. And I like the idea of perennial food plants: much less weeding, seed-sowing, watering, etc.

But I also enjoy growing new plant foods. It's wonderful to relish that first crop of, say, white sapotes. I also love being able to pick fresh food from the garden virtually all year round.

Another big plus is knowing what chemicals my plants contain. And I don't care what anyone says, freshly picked produce really do taste so much better than shop-bought.

Over the years I have 'experienced' many aspects of growing and caring for plants. From hours of weeding to earn some cash to post-grad research on ecology and plant growth. Possibly the most rewarding to me has been to plant trees in gardens, both mine and others, and then to watch them grow and mature.

My books contain food plants that can be grown in many conditions, from small to large gardens, from cold to sub-tropical, and to suit a range of soil types. Some food plants are easy to grow, while others, although horticulturally 'challenging', offer exciting and exotic rewards.

A ground-surge of growing our own food is developing. And it's so rewarding. Seed catalogues and garden nurseries offer a huge range of tempting choices. And although it's easy to 'try out' new plants, I hope the information given within these books will provide guidance on if they will actually 'work' for you.

In addition to these gardening guides, my third book focuses on the amazing nutritive properties of plant foods. It seems obvious that fresh plant foods must be good for us, and yet I don't think we have fully realised just how good they are. Much recent research confirms this.

And to use the hackneyed phrase, which is even more relevant now than ever: we are what we eat. Thus, 'Eat smart, stay well' describes the latest research on 115 top foods. It provides information of what they contain, what they can do for us and how we can use them to achieve optimum benefits.