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Eat smart: stay well

115 top power foods that could save your life


'Eat Smart, Stay well: Top power foods that could save you life

Discover 115 top foods

"Whether looking for help with a particular medical condition or to maximise your intake of essential fats, vitamins and minerals for optimum health, this is a reference book you cannot do without.

Many of us know the importance of eating a wide range of fruit, vegetables and nuts for well-being. But less well-known are the specific beneficial health properties of plants. Plant foods are powerful - they can lower your blood pressure, improve brain function, protect against certain cancers, repair nerve damage ...the key is knowing which plants pack the most punch. Susanna Lyle's new book does just that. Taking over 100 commonly available plant foods, she advises which can help with particular medical conditions or which will maximise your intake of essential fats, vitamins and minerals for optimum health. This is a reference book you cannot do without - and it will save you money on expensive supplements.

  • 115 readily available edible plants that will support and strengthen your well-being.
  • Detailed analysis of what is in these plants and their specific benefits for a range of health issues.
  • Recipe suggestions accompany many of the entries, and tables list plants by specific health benefits for easy reference." (Publisher blurb)

The foods were selected for their wondrous nutritional benefits, and also because they are easy to obtain (or grow). This book reports on the vast recently published scientific literature on nutrition and health. You may be looking for foods to enhance energy and improve heart health, or perhaps to boost your immune system. If so, then this book has the answers. It will also tell you if these benefits are enhanced or reduced when combined with other foods. It suggests novel food combinations to gain the very best benefits. It gives information on whether 'real' foods or supplements are better.

The introductory sections describe the main food groups: proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, fats, vitamins and secondary plant compounds, such as antioxidant polyphenolics. The 'Choice foods' table lists the best foods for a particular health need. And an extensive bibliography is provided for those wishing to delve deeper.

The foods described are proven to significantly reduce the development and sometimes even reverse the progression of many modern-day diseases.


Included in the book are the following wondrous fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, seeds and nuts

Alfalfa, almonds, amaranth, anise, apple, apricot, asparagus, avocado, bananas, barley, basil, beans, beets, bilberries, blackberries, blueberries, borage, Brazil nuts, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, buckwheat, capers, capsicums, cardamom, carrot, cashew, celery, celeriac and lovage, chamomile, chard, cherries, chicory and endive, chilli peppers, Chinese greens, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa beans, coriander (cilantro), cranberry, cumin, currants, dandelion, dates, dill, elderberries, fennels, fig, garden cress, garlic, ginger, globe artichoke, Goji berries, grapefruits, grapes, guavas, hazelnuts, hops, horseradish, Juniper berry, kale and collards, kiwifruits, lemon and limes, lemon balm, lentil, licorice, linseed (flax), macadamia nuts, marjoram and oregano, mints, mustards, nasturtium, nettle, nutmeg and mace, oats, olive, onions, oranges and tangerines, parsley, passion fruits, peas, peanut, pecan and hickory nuts, peppercorns, pinenuts, pistachios, plantains, plums and prunes, pomegranates, pumpkins and squash, purslane, quinoa, raspberries, rice, rocket, rosemary, rye, safflower, sage, sea buckthorn, seaweeds, sesame seed, soybean, spinach, spirulina, strawberries, sunflower seeds, sweet potato (kumara), tamarind, tea, thyme, tomatoes, turmeric, walnuts, watercress and landcress, wheat, yeast

Amazing foods

Did you know...

  • Eating just 100 g of sprouted alfalfa and/or broccoli seeds a day has a clear protective effect against developing a range of cancers: even more so than eating the mature plant.
  • Rutin-rich asparagus significantly improves the elasticity and health of blood vessels, thus significantly reducing the development of cardiovascular disease. It works best when combined with hesperidin: so eat your asparagus with a little grated citrus peel to get its full benefits.
  • Beetroot is super rich in betaines: these help deal with depression. They stimulate the body to produce natural mood-enhancing neurotransmitters: when given to autistic children, they have been claimed be more effective than pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Trials in Italy show that 76% of patients with myopia (short or near sightedness) had marked improvement in their vision after eating bilberries daily for 15 days, along with vitamin A.
  • Brussels sprouts are super-rich in isothiocyanates: ingestion of these compounds is inversely correlated to the incidence of cancer. Research shows they reduce DNA cell damage, in a short period, by as much as 28%.
  • Traditionally, capers have been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. And, they have now been proven to reduce inflammation around joints, even more so than some pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Chillies, used externally, have been proven in several trials to reduce the pain caused by shingles, psoriasis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis: more so than most other remedies.
  • Cherries can speed healing: cherry juice given to athletes significantly reduced the time it took muscle to heal compared with those just taking a placebo.
  • Black currants have powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties, including proven anti-influenza activity: so eat some of these fruits if flu is in the 'air'.
  • Dill has significant antimicrobial properties: in one trial, dill was effective against all eight pathogenic bacteria tested, being equally or more effective than standard antibiotics, even at low concentrations.
  • Publisher: David Bateman Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand
  • ISBN: 1869537335, EAN: 9781869537333
  • Dimensions: 22.0 x 15.0 cm, Paperback, 280 pages, illustrated